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Working with the Sacred Fools

In this Blog I explain my process for making these Sacred Fools. From my intention to discover a piece of wood that wishes to work with me through to the the journey work to allow its spirit to express itself through my hands. I also talk about why I love to work with the fools.

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The Body and Movement

For some of my Raggedy fans, you may wonder what relevance my ecstatic dance classes has with clothes. This is how they are connected… To me there is no separation. My tag line for my brand is …dress like nobody’s judging. My hope with my clothes is that I express and entice the people who wear my clothes to dress like nobody’s judging. To be free in their choices on what to wear, rather than feel they need to ‘fit in’ because media says this is in fashion. Some people say I am a fashion rebel! Well I am! It’s the freedom from worrying what people may think of us or free of those self-limiting beliefs that we are not...

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  Ecstatic Awakening Dance ONLINE through zoooooom 7.30 - 9.15 PM (GMT). 3.30pm (EDT) WEDNESDAYWEEKLY  SESSIONS  ***HOW IT WORKS**1) Sliding scale payment but no less that £5. Typically people pay between £10-£15. through PayPal: . PLEASE Change payment option to friends. Otherwise I get charged. . Put your email as reference SO I CAN SEND DETAILS ;)2) Pay before 6p.m. I will then send email with password.4) Download the Zoom app on your laptop or mobile. Or you can connect through internet browsers. **LINK TO JOIN**Topic: Ecstatic Awakening Dance Join Zoom Meeting ID: 844 7077 7568 Please make sure you give yourself time to set this up beforehand.Make sure you make a safe, sanctuary space to dance in, where...

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