The Body and Movement

For some of my Raggedy fans, you may wonder what relevance my ecstatic dance classes has with clothes.
This is how they are connected…
To me there is no separation. My tag line for my brand is …dress like nobody’s judging.
My hope with my clothes is that I express and entice the people who wear my clothes to dress like nobody’s judging. To be free in their choices on what to wear, rather than feel they need to ‘fit in’ because media says this is in fashion. Some people say I am a fashion rebel! Well I am!
It’s the freedom from worrying what people may think of us or free of those self-limiting beliefs that we are not good enough, that we are not worthy, that if we disguise ourselves amongst the crowds then we will not be seen, therefore we will not put ourselves forward for potential criticism, shame or ridicule.
The clothes I create are loud, unique and expressive. My intention with my wearable artwork is for us express ourselves freely and move away from these self-limiting places and be free in our own choices.
Many people have visited me and my clothes in studio, pop up shop, fairs and been mesmerized by my clothes, repeatedly saying these are so amazing and beautiful…which follows by “I couldn’t wear these” or “I am to old” or “I couldn’t be seen in this” or “I am to fat, to skinny, to tall, to short, to round, to straight, to this to that”.
In my experience over these last 15 years of working closely with woman, on a one to one basis with my clothes and also with woman’s sacred group work I facilitate. Almost every woman has a story to tell, including something negative to say about their body or themselves as a whole, in not believing in themselves in one way or another whether that is internal or external conditioning. No matter what shape, age, height, race, upbringing, background, beliefs….just something they don’t like or they feel inadequate somehow.
Our bodies can hold onto energy’s, like muscle memories, whether its physical injury’s, emotional disturbances, physical illness or trauma or external and internal negative thoughts and actions. Sometimes we avoid going to these places because its to painful. This is where the aspect of my dance comes in and also my sacred work.
In 2011 I trained with School of ecstatic movement , so I could go on a journey into my own body to face and heal my wounds that I was holding onto and to also learn how to facilitate this for others. During my training I had such a profound freeing experience that I knew without a doubt that these two things were related and I wanted to start running these classes for others…..and so I began.
My intention for these weekly classes I facilitate, is to invite people to step into their body and go on an internal journey, to listen, connect and express what needs to be expressed. Eyes are closed so it’s a beautiful way to forget about what others are doing and just be with you and your body. Through this method we begin to let go and express and be free of all those negative energies and analytical criticisms of ourselves.
Quite frankly sod these limiting conditions or self-sabotage or external projections and stand up and let go of the baggage we hold onto and let’s begin to love ourselves again…. if we have ever! If so therefore learn how to love ourselves from the beginning!
I have started running these online because of our pandemic but as the weeks have gone on I realise how wonderful it is and how well they work because we are held by the safety of our own homes so we can feel extra comfortable.
A huge bonus which I realised, we can reach to the web of the world and invite those much further than South Oxfordshire. Connection and taking the brave stick of reaching out is everything at these times.
If anyone is interested in joining me or has any questions, please privately message me.