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Ecstatic Awakening Dance


through zoooooom

6.30 - 8 PM (GMT). 2.30pm (EDT)


In these crazy times we CAN keep sane and connected!! This is the best time to do just that, from our cosy homes, to get our body moving and to get out of our heads!!

I invite you to join me on a weekly basis through the waves of the internet and to help build this dancing community.


. Download the Zoom app on your laptop or mobile. Or you can connect through internet browsers.


Please make sure you give yourself time to set this up beforehand.

Make sure you make a safe, sanctuary space to dance in, where you won't get disturbed. It's an hour and a half for you to drop down into your body and connect to the earth.


I am asking and am very grateful for donations of what you choose to pay. I want to expand this to as many out there as possible who want to dance and to connect.

Online is a new adventure so let's make it work together!


Ecstatic Dance is a movement meditation that helps us come home to our body, release stuck energies and reunite in stillness. This transformational process helps to:

1. Release stress and energize the body

2. Free you from emotional baggage by moving stuck energy

3. Transcend the chatter of the small mind and bring you into the presence of now

4. Awaken your heart to self-acceptance and self-love

5. Connect you to the divine oneness of your true nature and all that is.

Everyone is welcome

No previous experience is needed.

Each session includes a five part process:

1. Warm up

2. Awaken

3. Let go

4. Stillness

5. Grounding

Wear comfortable clothes

Have a blanket ready

Have water to drink

Your Facilitator

Hayley Trezise is an artist and a fully qualified shamanic practitioner and Ecstatic Dance teacher.
She studied dance in 2011 through the School of Ecstatic Movement Teacher Training. She has studied at The Sacred Trust for the past four years.