My Story


HAYLEY TREZISE stands out as an intuitive mixed media artist. Additionally, she is also a fashion designer and shamanic practitioner. A true rule breaker and self-taught fashion rebel, her journey began with crafting clothes and rapidly evolved into the establishment of her own fashion brand. Presently, she effortlessly intertwines the diverse threads of her life into a tapestry that encompasses these various realms. Rejecting artificial divisions, she firmly believes in the inherent connection between art and all aspects of existence, even wearable creations.

At the core of her artistic process lies the exploration of liminal realms, a journey that comes to fruition through her mixed media creations. Infused with elements of healing, shamanic journeying, and unfiltered intuitive expression, Hayley's art serves as a conduit bridging dimensions.

Her artworks exude a sacred essence, stemming from their ritualistic origins. Every piece possesses an innate healing quality, extending an invitation to viewers to embark on their own journey—a voyage into uncharted territories and an embrace of boundless possibilities.

Through fabric and machinery, paint and pencil, clay to concrete, she meticulously gives rise to intricate art forms of intuitive expression, each harbouring the potential for narrative interpretation. The stories encapsulated within these pieces remain open to observers, as Hayley's intention is to allow personal meanings to unfurl naturally. Her art wields the power to awaken curiosity, raise an eyebrow in wonder, spark inquiries, and rekindle memories.

Unrestrained by conventions and remarkably adaptable, sculptures and paintings are among her chosen mediums, yet the essence of her art transcends mere form—it serves as a gateway into the realm of the sacred and the unspoken.