My Story


"I question where the freedom of our unique individuality has gone and I hope to inspire people to show our deeper selves through the wearing of Art and to bring shape and movement to our bodies. My shout out is to “...dress like nobody’s judging!”

- Hayley Trezise

I am at heart an artist and a fashion rebel.  My focus is to create wearable art for women who want to express themselves freely and stand bravely and proud in front of conformity.

I create bespoke, high end wearable art pieces, embracing sustainability by bringing new life to fabric destined for landfill or repurposing old garments.

This is slow fashion at its best and clothes to last and be worn through the seasons, for all women, no matter their size, shape or age.

I come from a Fine art background and explored space, shape and form in various media. I pulled on skills handed down from my seamstress mother and started to create clothes embodying my beliefs and style.

‘Raggedy’ was thus birthed at a burgeoning Rural Arts Space in South Wales and grew up in a secluded Georgian mansion in West Wales breathing in the nature and space all around. 

From there Raggedy moved to a vibrant Studio in Frome and came of age surrounded by a multitude of other artists working in many forms of media.

I am now to be found amidst the gentle landscape of South Oxfordshire and Raggedy continues to grow whilst merging with other aspects of my world.

All items are made by my own fair hands or with the help from my amazing little team, Jenny and Andrea, who create my pattern work and my dearest Sharon who is my right hand woman.

As it’s always been, everything I do is created in the U.K and is rooted in sustainability.