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On February 13th 2022 I stood at this threshold and took a risk and I dived into the void of infinite possibilities.

I went on a journey into creating art every day for 100 days. With the title “SPACE BETWEEN STORIES”. Leaving it a little ambiguous.


My fluid rules were this….
Have no expectations, be in the flow, allow infinite possibilities my way and if things want to change along the way, then allow them!
They will be A5 mixed media painting, intuitively driven all done on recycled cotton paper. They will more often than not have voids in it and you will have to seek out if it has a little person or more!

Its playing with that space that sits between many things, it being otherworldly which is seen by a shaman’s eye or being at a threshold of deciding, a breakthrough, a traumatic experience, a death, a birth, making changes, letting go, moving forward, taking a risk, allowing all known and unknown possibilities our way.

Every paining was intuitive and through expression and flow, being completely in the moment.

Mixed media, using water colours, pencils, pens, gold leaf, charcoal, acrylics on 100% recycled handmade paper.

They are mounted with coloured card which is shown in the picture.