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VIRTUAL 'Sacred Movement'

VIRTUAL 'Sacred Movement'

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Each week You will be welcomed into your space, in your room and into your body, we will be guided on a journey mediation which will naturally drift into free movement. The class will be finished with a grounding meditation bringing us all back to where we began.  We will be opening all our senses to what is around us without expectation remaining open to what may or may not happen for us.

we will be moving in the dark, meaning our eyes will be closed, we will become the “seer”. This is an individual experience yet at the same time we will be traveling with the other members of the group. When moving in the dark, time and space becomes non-existent.

Below is a short list of practical things you need to know for the class and the things you will need to do.

. You will be attending this virtual class via the zoom   platform. I will send a link with password once payment is made.

. Please familiarise yourself with how Zoom works before you   attend.

. It is important that you arrive on time, the start time of the class will not be delayed for late arrivals.

. On arrival, you will be invited into the waiting room which will be open at least 5 minutes beforehand.

. Sometimes before the class I may send specific instructions, this will be done via the watsapp.

. Wear comfortable clothing, have a blanket at hand and Water if needed.

. Prepare your space beforehand, a sanctuary space for you to move within and be free, you may wish to cleans your space and/or have particular objects with you during the class.

. Inform anyone you live with to not disturb you.

. Make a declaration to yourself that this time is dedicated to you. 

. Each week will have a strong individual theme that will be intuitively led.

The cost of the class, dates are listed below.


Dates are:

Every Monday 6.30 – 7.45


14th June

21st June

28th june

6th July

Drop in: £15 per session