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"BABAMANTA" Sacred Sculpture
"BABAMANTA" Sacred Sculpture
"BABAMANTA" Sacred Sculpture
"BABAMANTA" Sacred Sculpture
"BABAMANTA" Sacred Sculpture

"BABAMANTA" Sacred Sculpture

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BABAMANTA Shapeshifts between realities.  She slithers her way up and out, shedding skins when they are done, Moving through the realms. She is an Earth spirit that shifts her way between the roots, revealing her new form.

She brings potency of new beginnings with her pout.

Sitting at the root of all matters she knows what’s best for you.  She talks to the roots so she can help you ground.

She is made from the root of a tree which was found on a walk in the forest the off-cuts of recycled fabric are hand stitched together.  She has copper leaf as a protection.

With great intention the wool was worked with a weaving/wrapping method. As I wrapped my intention was to bring grounding to her. 

She has been cleansed, purified and awakened & awaits her new owner :-)



I began to make these little sculptures all of which are infused with Great intention and awakened for various reasons personal to the sculpture. 

Often, I find the piece of wood and see something within it, I start creating what I feel I “see”.  I often wrap wool around it which is for me like a sacred weave to seal something magic, something positive into it.  It is wrapped with a focused positive intention to bring good energy to the person it is going to.  It also seals in the magic of the spirit of the sculpture.

Once completed or nearly completed I undertake a shamanic journey to ask for information relating to the sacred sculpture, what’s it bringing to the person, what words are for that individual sculpture, what instructions are there on how to awaken it etc, then it is cleansed with  smoke or sound, placed outside or placed on my alter, each sculpture will have slightly different instructions.

These sculptures are created to be in one’s home, studio, or place of work.

The intention behind creating these sculpture’s & bringing them in to this world is to bring good will to your  life and to your home , the sculpture can be worked with in the same way you would work with a companion or friend , trust that all the work you do together is received in non-ordinary reality,  the relationship will be personal to you and how you use it and how you receive it will also be unique to you. The key is to trust that the process is working even if we typically cannot “see” it.