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The Temple ~ Woman's Initiation Journey


This is a one day workshop working with your body's Temple through the following methods.

Dropping into:
. Shamanic Ceremony
. Movement
. Guided journeying
. Creating a power object

We are called to re-member the sacred feminine. Becoming tribe, feeling a deeper connection with ourselves and each other.

The temple is a space of safety to release the expectations of civilised society and nurture your wild divine nature. A time for dropping into your body, stepping into the shadows of Shame, guilt and self limiting beliefs to rediscover your innate wisdom.

This journey is for those who are willing to walk hand in hand with their sisters through the temple gates of strength & vulnerability.

Bringing your sovereignty to the world.

October: Saturday 31st

Online Presence : 2pm - 6pm GMT (London time).

Fee: £40 ($51)

Who is this for.

Women of any age and experience.

The temple is primarily about coming home to your body, and to the body of the natural earth & anchoring into your feminine power.

We will dance, create, breathe, share anchor in a new way of being.----------------------


HAYLEY TREZISE is the founder of Raggedy, Shamanic Practitioner & Melissae through the Sacred Trust, Artist,Ecstatic Awakening Dance facilitator, Performer, and sweat lodge leader for women and men.
A heart centred creative warrior with a deep passion and respect for nature, with a playful yet grounded way of working, she cracks open amour with her light bearing energy.
She has been creating unique beautiful clothing for woman, through Raggedy for 15 years that cross the boundary between fashion and art, that is not only sustainable but has a message that we should all’…. dress like nobody’s judging’ no matter what we have been taught, no matter what our body shape is, age or gender and what we might think of it. This is a philosophy that runs through everything that Hayley does.

She lives in rolling countryside of Oxfordshire where she alongside her partner Darren, creates, sacred delicious offerings from her beautiful garden and sacred haven studio with Jester the eccentric cat adding a playful paw.



REBECCA HANSCOMBE is the Director and lead trainer at the School of Ecstatic Movement, which training teachers in Ecstatic Awakening Dance.

Alongside this body of sacred work, Rebecca became a professional Shamanic Practitioner, in her own right and through the Sacred Trust, where she is now a Faculty member.

She has over twenty five years experience as a teacher & facilitator of group process, which includes having introduced dance/movement therapy to inmates within Holloway closed category prison a pioneering role with which she was involved for well over a decade. A family constellation Practitioner specialising in Womb trauma and fertility.
Rebecca carries a profound understanding of what it is to enter into and then navigate transformational, non-ordinary states of consciousness and how to traverse these epiphany states.
She is a Lead Trainer for clients such as Success Resources and Real Life property Group.

She is also the mother of a strong and vibrant 13 year old and lives along with her partner, puppy and feral cat in the beautiful lush green wild Wye Valley of South Wales.

TOGETHER they bring powerful, safe sacred space, that pierces through the veil of the sterile civilised world into the wild heart of your divine feminine nature. Love, laughter, song, dance, integrity, connecting body, spirit and nature, dropping you into the depths of your being to embrace your temple.

“Our bodies are a truly a gift and when allowed to be moved, shaken and stimulated into the complete surrender that these sacred ceremonies inspire, can lead to transformation. Through our bodies we connect to the spirit, shedding emotional, mental and physical dis-ease that may have been holding us back for years”